føøl of potential

fairy tale engineers.

Fool of Potential creates multi-layered interactive experiences combining circus, acrobatics, dance, live music, visual arts, poetry, puppetry, light, sound and color.

You are invited to be part of the story. Follow the steps of The Fool. 


pass age 2 no w here 

An unexpected journey to the self by following The Fool from basement to rooftop at the House of Words, a four-story text-art building in Bushwick that Fool of Potential staged with art installations for this experience only. 


a secret door (made of smaller, secreter doors) 

"What is not enough for one, just right for two, too much for three?    -A secret"

An adventure for the curious. Through doors, secrets and treasures The Fool invited us to join him on his quest for liberation. 


fool of ideas

Ideas target and infiltrate the Fool of Potential while he is defenselessly dreaming . . .

You are invited to infiltrate the Fool and join us on this adventure through an old boat in Bushwick as you become part of his dream.


a secret door (made of smaller, secreter doors) 

Fool of Potential at World Maker Faire 2018 at the New York Hall of Science


created by


Cameron finley

Cameron Finley is a Brooklyn based maker, creator, and scientist. He began acting at the age of three, and performed the role of “Beaver” in the cinema remake of “Leave it to Beaver.” Since then, he has studied genetic engineering, authoring 12 publications for science journals and developing novel disease-fighting drugs. He then combined his passion for entertaining with the love of science and engineering, studying puppetry under master puppeteer Daniel Fay. He currently creates puppets, moving art, installations, pinky size sculptures to three story monsters, wearable art, costumes, robots, jewelry, complex narratives, concept to fabrication, as well as performs throughout New York. 



Françoise voranger

Françoise Voranger is a performance artist, visual artist and content creator based in Brooklyn. Her recent works have been commissioned by New Victory Theater, Alice Tully Hall- Lincoln Center, Nelson Atkins Museum, Universoul Circus, and City Center NY (sponsored by Rolex/CTFD) amongst others. Françoise also performs as a guest with Cirque du Soleil, AntiGravity, Ann Marie DeAngelo and the House of Yes.

She founded Hybrid Movement Company and Creative Lab to facilitate performance, arts education, and A.I.R opportunities for local artists.



Nikki ortiz

Andrea Nicole Ortiz (Nikki) is a performance artist, yoga teacher and designer based in Brooklyn. Her performance work has appeared at The Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney Museum, Envision Festival and The House of Yes amongst others and she’s a collaborator at Hybrid Movement Company and Little Cinema. She worked as an interior designer and project manager for several years under the mentorship of Lucy Harris and Christopher Coleman and now combines her love for design with her passion for performing arts.  

Nikki won the 2015 USA Yoga Asana competition and is devoted to teaching yoga and spine flexibility to help people safely access their body's range of motion. 

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